Our unwavering commitment to R&D, innovation and capability building has enabled us to be globally competitive in the provisioning of secured communications solutions for the security enforcement and defence industry led by our Senior Management.

At Sapura, we are passionate about playing a critical role in helping our Nation realise its vision of self-reliance in secured communications. Our competitive indigenous solutions are the result of our long term investment in capability-building and human capital developments efforts.

To ensure our customers derive the most value from their investments, Sapura has developed a suite of integration solutions that can link assets and networks operating on different technical platforms.  These integration solutions coupled with our extensive experience in network integration and our expertise in system design and architecture make us one of few companies around the region that can pull together seamless command and control capabilities over multiple communications platforms, varied hardware and in diverse geographical conditions.

We also take much pride in our ability to offer total security solutions encompassing encryption, people, physical, cyber, network information and database security.

Our solutions allow customers to gain greater flexibility, control and security of on-going field operations with an enhanced ability to communicate (and to undertake simulation training) 
in dynamic operating environments. We build, develop and integrate with the aim to leverage our customers’ existing assets and technologies. Ensuring our customers derive optimal benefits from their investments is a long-standing mantra in Sapura.


Our capabilities:

1.   Acquire, develop and apply strategic technology in security, radio and systems.
2.   Manage and implement large scale communications and IT projects.
3.   Employ enabling technology to design specific interfaces for seamless integration between different systems.
4.   Design, develop, produce and enhance radio products for military and security operations.
5.   Provide total security solution including encryption.
6.   Design, develop, integrate, upgrade, (operate and maintain) and supply complex (training) and simulation systems.
7.   Provide “in-country support” for all systems supplied to customers.

The three companies pioneering and leading this field are Sapura Secured Technologies, Sapura Defence and Sapura Research.  Each of these companies focuses on different aspects of the lifecycle in the secured communications environment which enable us to be a total solution provider for this industry