Sapura is a strong technology advocate. This is evident in our efforts to continuously invest and nurture human capital and intellectual growth. With Technology as a key determinant in the development process to move the economy up the value chain, Sapura through our subsidiary Sapura Resources Berhad [SAPRES] has evolved to become a strategic investor in human capital development through providing education and training services.

Human capital and innovation capabilities are critical resources that fuel the development of economies. The Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation [UCTI – ] is a leading university-level institution for technology education in Malaysia, while the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology [APIIT – ] offers innovative programmes in a number of IT specialisations to address the national need for technology professionals at all levels, and to equip them with skills required for the fast growing multi billion ringgit IT industry in Malaysia. Both Institutions are recognised for the quality of education provided, and have developed a reputation for producing graduates who are highly sought after by employers.

Together, both UCTI and APIIT aim to ensure a continuous supply of skilled Technology professionals in Malaysia and to raise the level of Research, Development and Commercialisation in the country. APIIT is also a major regional player with activities and overseas centres in Karachi [Pakistan], Colombo [Sri Lanka], and Delhi [India].

In addition, UCTI and APIIT in Malaysia provide high-quality education to an international community of students from more than 50 countries, and therefore play integral roles in supporting the Nation’s mission to establish Malaysia as an international hub of education excellence.

Recognising the need to contribute to the development of young Malaysians at an even younger age, the Group has also set up the Sapura Smart School [ ], with the objective of providing innovative, multidisciplinary and holistic education at Primary and Secondary levels. Developed with a clear vision of producing students who are thinking, learning and caring, the Smart School is benchmarked against international standards, and the use of technology to support teaching/learning activities is indeed an integral feature.